Sunday, February 14, 2010

Really... Seriously ??

So I get a fancy legal letter in the mail this week. Oddly enough, from a lawyer no less. Truth be known the lawyer folk are just a conduit for the real author – Ontario Justice A.Pazaratz. They, and their ere so just peers are writing to tell me something I already know (in part). It would seem that I am now officially, in the eyes of the law and those who make and enforce them, divorced.

Obviously not news, as this has been in the works for a while now. No great surprises here on any front save one.... the date of the order: January 14/2010. This was the day that someone read the appropriate papers, thought they were in order, and thumped them with a stamp to say just so.

The very last line on this simple single page of fact says that the order comes into effect one month after the heretofore mentioned stamp. This brings us to the definition of a “month”. Is this four weeks? Twenty-Eight days? Twenty Nine? Thirty? Thirty-One? What is a month exactly. Originally, I was inclined to think that a month is 4 weeks (a month of Sundays if you will). After consulting the feral wilderwebs, and a select few thinkers... well, lets look and see, shall we?

If I start from the original premise:

1 month = 4 Weeks – 28 days – February 11...

If we "fait la google":

1 month = 30.4368499 days - February 13th.

However, add that extra little .563151 days:

1 month = 31 days .... yup... February 14th

Really? Seriously? Valentine's Day?

... wow ...