Monday, September 7, 2009

To Sleep Per Chance....

I've been thinking about sleep of late.  Habitually I don't quite get enough of it.  So I began to muse on the ways and means of it all...   The rites and rituals of rest:

Geography:  bed right (like stage right, but lying down), typically facing the door. If there is an adjoining wall, my back will be towards it. 
Pillows: Two. One firm, one soft. I may use either one or both if the mood fits. 
Covers: light or non-existent in summer, douvet in winter.
Window: open if possible, curtains open/blinds up.
Waterglass: only with a fever

My "roommate" 

Georgraphy: centre bed, head to the door, face to the wall. 
Pillow: one
Cover: one (two if chilled)
Window: open, curtains drawn/blind down
Waterglass: every night 

My father was a bed left man; Mother - bed right.

All this analysis was triggered by a curiosity about how sleeping orientation and habit may offer insight into character traits expressed in the waking hours. No conclusions as yet, but there are insights to be had.

n.b.   As an experiment, I am trying to explore the real estate dormie available to me:  Centre bed is a strange place. Delightfully symmetrical, but oddly disarming.

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  1. Centre bed is fab place to be, bedmates or not. Claim it. Live it. Love it.