Saturday, September 19, 2009

Near the village.... the peaceful one.

   A couple of days ago, I was walking down the street headed to the store when coming slowly towards me I noticed a young woman in an orange dress.  Not nasty slurpee orange.  More like an autumnal-leaf-I-wear-birks-and-nerdy-glasses kind of orange. As we neared each other, I could see her mouth was moving.  She was walking quite slowly, more an amble really.  Nearer still and I heard her quietly singing...."in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight". Loud enough to be heard obviously, but not so loud as to carry very far beyond her own enjoyment.  I had been nursing this song in my own head for several days, so it was a treat to hear it out of the blue like this.  As we passed each other, I smiled politely at her and received the same in return.   Just beyond our passing, say about 20 feet up the sidewalk was a small child.  The woman in orange was taking her time going up the street to allow the young girl in tow (with her wee little legs) a chance to catch up.  As the wee-wee lass dawdled her way up the street, running her hand along the picket fence beside her (being sure to bounce off each tine on her way) I noticed that she too was singing something:   wimoweh...  wimoweh... lion... da jungoo... sweeping.  It was like the song was driving them forward and yet also nearer to each other.  A truly sweet and rare moment. 
   I carried on the rest of the way to the store with the wry grin of a lucky witness tracing my face.  I popped into the corner store to grab an item or two.  I pick up what I needed.  Paid my due.   Said my "good day" to the shop keep.  Went on my merry way.... 

...  then just as I was opening the door to go out, I caught the faintest hint, just a whispered tease of a melody from behind the cash:

dee dee dee dee - de dee de dee dee - de dee de dee dee deeeeee

   I will never be certain where the song began, but I saw where it was going, where it had been, and I got to join it a while in it's journey.  Maybe even help it along a bit...

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  1. Consider yourself lucky, man. You could have been infected by "Gypsy Woman" by Crystal Waters. Happened to me the other day. Really.