Monday, December 7, 2009

Attempt # 2

So here's the new plan...

I'm going to try to be less calculating, and more productive. I got hitched up on the process of blogging, and lost the "flow".  So I'm going to try to be a little less prepared, and a little more spout-of-the-brainish. This comes after spending a little time puddling around looking at vlogs on YouTube.  There is only a hint of rhyme and reason to the material on there. The least I can do is prove that I indeed do have fingers with which to type (if not a cam with which to vlog - not there yet, but under consideration)

Having said this: today...

I now have (courtesy of the clinic MD I shall refer to as Dr. Rickenbacher)....   a NetiPot. 

I don't know if that's good or bad thing yet. But I will. Seems as if I have a sinus infection. So along with run of antibiotics (first time taking them in years thenk yoo vedy much!) it was suggested that I procure one of these little "Maison D'Smurf".  I have heard a fair amount of whoop-dee-doo about these jobbies from a host of reliable sources, but I was reluctant to dip my toe in the pot (so to speak). 

I had a drowning thing when I was younger. Came kind of close a couple of times, so I wound up with a wee aversion to being underwater and such. Got over it somewhat when charming daughter needed someone to accompany her to the pool. I learned how to swim and dive Yet he fear haunts me a bit to this day. 

The act of using these things involves flushing the sinus cavity with warm, happy fluid. A sensation not unlike that of being underwater in my mind. Only I'll be fully dressed, standing up, and watching it happen in the bathroom mirror.  Having said all that, rationally speaking, there really is no similarity at all. Still.... fears like these don't follow the traditional paths of reason. That is why they are called fears.  I am off to give it a go.  

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