Tuesday, December 8, 2009


That's it then...

I'm a fledgling NetiPot-Head. I've now been there, and am about to effectively blog that.

I might even have insights into the process to improve it for the "unititated":
  • Get a jug 'o' distilled water: boiling over and over again is tiresome and wasteful in the energy department.
  • It's not pinball: tilting is TOTALLY endorsed. The head; the neck; the elbow. Anything to avoid backwash.
  • Baby formula/Baby Bear's' Breakfast: the wrist test works wonders to get the temperature right. My first time in was too warm. Second, too cold. Third.... just riiight. 
The whole process is still a little disturbing, but I think after a while the icky parts will become less so and the benefits will shine through a bit more.  I can attest (without entering into the grizzly detail department) that it seems to be a good thing for the holes in your head and the stuff that lingers there.

I didn't know, but apparently Oprah went all batty for it. Who knew? Now there's a mental picture reserved for the stalwart and true.... A drippy snorky Oprah.  <>

Maybe I'll post a pic/vid for the sheer "o no he didn't"  factor.


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