Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mental Ulceration

That's what I'm calling it.

It may also be referred to as Cyclic Thinking in some... circles. The state of mind whereby the thought process is compromised by an abundance of ick. (which for the record, is the most appropriately named disease out there - sorry fishies). Pockets of acidic mental ick that eat away at good, productive gray matter leaving ick-ridden tissue in its wake.

At present I have a great many things troubling me. Some I have control over; some not so much; some I'd like to control but can't. Complicated for certain.

Respectfully, I'm not really in a position to rattle off the litany of angst in this arena. I expect to leak it slowly and cryptically over the next couple of months. But I thought I'd drop a few delights to offset the immediate imbalance and help realign the lobes:
  • Friends with a baby in their tummy
  • Cookies from a student's mom - I haven't taught the student in like 2 years, but I was still referred to as "the best teacher she's ever had"
  • Friends with new digs - much needed, much deserved
  • Friends with purple Docs (women's size 8 to be precise - Awesome!)
  • Snow
  • Did I mention the cookies?
  • The smell of the ocean (it will be cold when I next get it - but powerful nonetheless)
At times it can be difficult to spot the good amongst the ick. But it is most certainly there.

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