Thursday, December 10, 2009

Swamp Land in Norway

I dunno...  

I've seen some extraordinary things in my day. Some almost defying description. I'll also admit that I'm gullible and imaginative in equal parts - killer combo -  makes me great fun at parties. 
But this...  this is whack:

Sooooo... what to make of it?

Another delightful viral video in advance of some media event?
A kind of Flash Forward/James Cameron/Blair Witch ad campaign thingy.

More proof for the V'ger lovers of the world?
Bald chicks from space... not much argument here.... KAHN!

Looks a little like spaghetti... FSM?
Primavera Intervention.

Crazy ass beacon for the Magi?
The timing is awesome. Only now the saviour wears a cool watch and carries an Allen Wrench.

The geography almost fits... and who doesn't like to blame science for stuff?

To me, the real clues that all is not as it should be are the speed and clarity exercised in trying to define it.  Some of my best excuses, justifications, or rationales came furiously following the event itself.  Listen to the booming, newsy, scientific voice of reason...  just don't look at the spiraling wormhole behind the curtain. 

If there's even a hint of veracity to this, I am equally psyched and freaked. Time will tell either way.  I'm going with the whole Hadron thing until further notice. :)

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  1. You saw what is was, eh? Russian missile test gone wrong. Came from a sub somewhere. Cool to see, all the same.